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I have been a Teaching Professional at Traditions Golf Course in Surrey for the past three years offering tuition to adults and juniors both on the driving range and on the golf course. Beginners benefit from my relaxed style of teaching and will improve quickly and gain confidence. Playing lessons are an enjoyable way of practising and improving what has been learnt on the driving range. The more experienced golfer can work on their weaknesses and improve their handicap.

Hitting balls on the range without expert tuition often results in practising the same faults over and over again. I can identify those faults and ensure that your practice improves your swing rather than ingrains a bad habit. We can work on particular aspects of your game such as bunker play, which is the cause of many a golfing nightmare on the course.

Improve that all important short game. 70% of your shots are from within a 100 yards so it's not all about how far you can hit the ball, but how accurate you can chip and putt.

Isn't it frustrating when your drive hooks or slices? You may ask yourself, why am I doing that all of a sudden? Well I can tell you why and show you how to correct it. You will start to hit the ball further and straighter, avoiding the rough and the water!

Improve your game and you will impress your friends and get a lot more enjoyment out of your round. Give me a call for a lesson today.


Traditions Golf Course Pyrford Road, Pyrford Near Woking, Surrey GU22 8UE.   Home: 020 8391 0015.   Pro Shop: 01932 350355.